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Covid-19 warning for those with chronic diseases

While the Covid-19 epidemic continues to show its effect all over the world, Prof. Dr. Murat Hakan Terekeci made important recommendations.

The Covid-19 pandemic has many direct and indirect negative effects on those with chronic diseases. Therefore, the management of chronic diseases that require close follow-up is extremely important. Internal Medicine Specialist Prof. Dr. Murat Hakan Terekeci made the following recommendations regarding follow-up and treatment for those with chronic health problems during the pandemic process.

prof. Dr. Murat Hakan Terekeci,


People with diabetes who catch Covid-19 have a higher risk of having a severe disease than other individuals. If the patient’s symptoms are severe, over the age of 65, and have diabetes-related heart and kidney disease, he or she should definitely apply to a health center. A diabetic who learns that he has a Covid-19 infection should talk to his doctor about the suitability of the medications he uses. All diabetes patients should have the recommended vaccines for Covid-19 on time and have the reminder doses done.


When the studies on Covid-19 are examined, it has been seen that obesity is an important factor in the course of the disease, and as the body mass index increases, the severity of the disease and complications such as treatment in the intensive care unit or being connected to a ventilator increase. Although very strict diet programs are not recommended for obese patients during the pandemic period, balanced diet practices are recommended, especially consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits, including healthy fat and protein. With the prediction that the situation will worsen, exercise and healthy nutrition programs are very important to reach the ideal weight before autumn.


Covid-19 infection may have a worse prognosis in cancer patients, especially in advanced age, chemotherapy, metastatic cancer and poor general condition. The disease seriously weakens the immune system of both itself and the drugs used. Cancer patients should be very careful in this period when cases increase. Vitamins, minerals and supplements that can strengthen the immune system should definitely be reviewed in these patients. Cancer patients should be vaccinated in consultation with their physician.


Covid-19 infection increases the frequency of asthma attacks. Other asthma patients can be vaccinated, except those who have allergic reactions to vaccines and some drugs, and those with a history of severe allergies. In asthma patients, the regular use of existing drugs should be continued and should not be interrupted. It is extremely important to use appropriate masks, maintain social distance and pay attention to hand hygiene. Especially children and asthmatic patients over the age of 65 should also be vaccinated for seasonal flu and pneumonia.


It is a common health problem that significantly affects the vital risk and disease severity for Covid-19 infection. In line with the current data, the blood pressure of high blood pressure patients should be kept under control during the Covid-19 infection and if there is no other reason, their current medications should be continued. Vaccination, mask, distance, cleaning, avoiding stress, regular sleep, balanced diet, mineral and vitamin support when necessary are very important in hypertension patients.


Along with the heart, the coronavirus also affects the vascular system. It triggers the risk of heart attack. Heart patients, especially those with open heart surgery, are more affected by the harmful effects of coronavirus than healthy people. People with heart problems should pay extra attention to mask, distance and cleaning measures. They should have the flu and pneumonia vaccines. Since some of the drugs used during Covid-19 disease may interact with the existing heart disease treatment, treatment and vaccination planning should be carried out in coordination with the following physician.

Don’t give up on the precaution

Chronic patients should pay particular attention to mask, distance and cleaning rules. You should definitely wear a mask in closed areas, and there should be no legal obligation for this. They should eat a balanced diet, take in fresh vegetables and fruits, adequate fluids, healthy fats and proteins. Mineral supplements, especially zinc, are also important. Vitamin D level, which plays a very important role in the mild severity of the disease, should be kept at 60-80 ng/ml. Avoid stress and sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Source From: Sozcu

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