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This is the new labeling proposed by the Ministry of Health for junk food | news today

With black octagons and the words Excess En, this is the new front labeling proposed by the Ministry of Health for ultra-processed foods.

Photo: Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has just published the draft resolution that seeks to modify Resolution 810 of 2021 that established the requirements of nutritional labeling Y frontal that canned or packaged foods for human consumption in Colombia had to comply with.

This resolution, according to Fernando Ruíz, Minister of Health, comes days after the University of Antioquia delivered the result of an evaluation that had to analyze as much evidence as possible to establish the shapes, color, size, legends and location of the front labeling warning for processed products In colombia. (You can read: The tangled path to put warning stamps on junk food in Colombia)

The study found that “the octagon it is the form and figure that presents the most available evidence in randomized experimental studies (in addition to being) the most appropriate to capture attention and with the greatest potential to maximize the perception of insalubrity”. This form would replace the round one that was approved a year ago in Resolution 810.

The labelled proposed by the Ministry of Health after the study by the University of Antioquia is black and will include the words excess in “to define the nutrients that are found in excessive amounts within the products, especially those related to sugars, Saturated fats, Trans fat Y sodiumRuiz explained. This recommendation modifies the words high inwhich were the ones that had been used since the publication of resolution 810. (You may be interested: Octagonal stamps, effective to avoid buying junk food)

“It was also decided to adopt the methodology of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to define the foods to be included and the levels to be included in the front labeling”, explained the head of the portfolio. The decision was made because this methodology “shows greater validity in the identification of foods that contain excessive critical nutrients, (…) it is the most rigorous or demanding in terms of the percentage of regulated products, allowing consumers to identify more adequate food with excessive content of critical nutrients”, among other aspects.

However, the final decision will not be made until the end of this year and will be in the hands of the incoming government. As the minister said, the resolution It will be submitted to national public consultation during the next 15 days. This should also have a concept ofl Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, as well as one on competition law by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce. In addition, it will be submitted to international consultation for a period of 60 days. “It is expected that the definitive act of the modification of resolution 810 will be issued by the month of December,” said Ruíz. (You can also read: “The Junk Food Law is not intended to prohibit, but to provide information”: Mauricio Toro)

The products that are already marketed with the circle Seal, may make use of the labels until they run out during the following six months counted from the publication of the modification in the Official Gazette, the Ministry specified.

“We hope that this decision will be of benefit to Colombians to address an issue as complex as the obesity and that labeling, together with other strategies that have proven to be efficient, such as consulting in nutritional terms, community programs and communication processes, allows us to advance in the country’s obesity problems”, Ruíz concluded.

Source: Elespectador

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