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Doctors separated the twins fused with their heads. How are the boys feeling?

Bernardo and Arthur Lima are twins born together with their heads. Doctors from Brazil and Great Britain decided to perform a series of surgeries to separate the children and give them a chance to function normally. How are the boys feeling?

Doctors separated the boys joined together by their heads

Sky News television reports that the doctors who separated the boys spent months preparing for the procedure. They trained using virtual reality techniques. Bernardo and Arthur Lima – three-year-old twin brothers who had just been separated – had a total of seven surgeries. The last two continued over 33 hours and over a hundred medical personnel participated in them. The operation to separate the twins was led by two doctors – British child surgeon Owase Jeelani and Brazilian neurosurgeon Gabriel Mufarrej.

After the surgery, Jeelani stated that “the successful separation of Bernardo and Arthur is a remarkable achievement for the team in Rio de Janeiro“Not only did we provide a new future for boys and their families, but thanks to this, local doctors gained the opportunity and confidence to successfully undertake such complex procedures in the future,” he noted. we can improve the situation of children and families in a difficult situation – said the specialist.

Mufarrej is convinced that the operation will change the lives of little ones. – Since the boys’ parents came to the hospital two and a half years ago looking for help, they became part of our family. We are glad that the operation went so well and that its results will change the lives of the boys and their families – added the specialist.

Separation of twins – how complicated are such procedures?

Operations to separate Siamese twins are extremely complicated and carry a huge risk of failure. The specialists who operated on the boys say it was one of the most complex procedures ever performed. Interestingly, Bernardo and Arthur they are the oldest twins joined by their heads that have been separated.

From the information provided by doctors it is known that the boys are doing well and recovering in the hospital. When they recover, they will undergo a six-month rehabilitation.

It is worth adding that the operation of separating the boys would not have been possible without the support and help of the Gemini Untwined foundation. The organization was founded on the initiative of two specialists who operated on boys.

It is estimated that Siamese twins are born once in 60 thousand births. Only five percent of them are fused with their heads.

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