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Does keeping a laptop on your feet negatively affect fertility? The gynecologist explains

In the era of a pandemic, many of us have switched to remote work. We can perform professional duties without leaving home. It often happens that instead of sitting on a chair at the desk, we prefer to lie down comfortably on the couch, and put the computer on the legs, mainly on the thighs and around the lower abdomen. Can a heating device that touches our body for several hours a day affect health?

Working with a laptop and fertility

Portable computers are an integral part of our lives. We work on them, watch movies, check the news on the web. When we sit on the couch in a comfortable position, usually the laptop lands on our legs. The device heats up and comes into direct contact with your body. How does it affect women’s health? Joanna Klein, obstetrician-gynecologist, explained this issue in an interview with Justyna Piąsta from

– Many women ask themselves whether remote work, which is both popular and even necessary nowadays, has an impact on fertility. According to a study thermal radiation generated by laptops does not affect the number and quality of eggs in women, and therefore does not adversely affect fertility – said the expert.

It is different with men who should be more careful. – On the other hand, you have a laptop “on your lap”, may adversely affect their reproductive ability, and more specifically, the quality of their sperm – emphasized the gynecologist.

Pregnant women – how should they care for themselves?

Can sitting with a hot laptop on your feet have negative consequences for pregnant women?

– Research tells us that holding a laptop this way, it does not increase the risk of miscarriage or birth defects in the fetus. However, let’s not forget that while pregnant and doing sedentary work, we should take care of the spine and take breaks during work. It will certainly protect us from the appearance of edema of the lower limbs and reduce the risk of thromboembolic complications – added the doctor.

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