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Damian Michałowski’s fight for the “radiator”. Has a crisis hit your training?

Damian Michałowski has been fighting for the so-called for two months. form of life. In front of viewers, Dzien Dobry TVN wants to see if it can change its figure in just 12 weeks. Under the supervision of a dietitian and personal trainer, she fights almost every day for a slimmer figure and a “radiator” on her stomach. Unfortunately, a small crisis has crept into the journalist’s life recently. Will our host overcome doubts and finish the sports challenge? How much weight has he lost so far?

Damian Michałowski on the way to a form of life

The presenter Dzien Dobry TVN has been meeting regularly with a personal trainer for two months, under whose supervision he combines intensive cardio exercises with strength training. Recently, he has been working out on the treadmill and lifting dumbbells, however slowly he began to feel that a crisis was creeping into his training routine. Damian’s coach admits that moments of doubt should be overcome alone and never forget about the goal that guides us.

There are no shortcuts here, consistency, iron will and stubbornness are required. The most common mistakes are when someone comes completely without a plan. […] The second thing is the lack of intensity in training […] The third thing that catches my eye is relying solely on training – explained coach Paweł Raczyński.

Damian Michałowski and his challenge – progress can be seen with the naked eye

Damian Michałowski changes his figure not only with the help of a trainer, because his health is also monitored by Marta Jachym, a dietician. The host of Dzien Dobry TVN began his sports adventure by weighing 81 kg, and after two months he managed to lose 6.5 kg. The specialist decided that this was enough weight loss for the body, so the journalist should now focus on building muscle tissue.

As the nutritionist explained, at the time of crisis, we should keep common sense and not approach the diet too restrictively. We must be aware of how many calories a given meal has so that the caloric balance remains at the right level. From time to time it is worth to indulge in pleasures and reward yourself with, for example, dessert, but in reasonable quantities.

– The crisis comes and you are already dreaming about eating something you want. It’s worth allowing yourself to be aware of how many calories it has, include it in the balance sheet and balance it, for example, with a lighter dinner – the expert pointed out.

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