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Internal medicine specialist warns: Influenza epidemic will be more effective this year

Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Aytaç Karadağ talked about what needs to be considered in the flu epidemic. Montenegro said, “The flu epidemic, which was not seen last year because we paid attention to our personal hygiene due to the pandemic, is expected more this year. We must pay attention to social distance.”

As the winter months approached, the weather began to cool. For this reason, the number of patients who applied to hospitals with flu cases increased. Specialist doctor Aytaç Karadağ stated that the way to minimize the effect of the flu epidemic is to strengthen the immune system.


Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Stating that the flu epidemic started earlier this year than last year, Aytaç Karadağ said, “Influenza, the flu we know, started. A month later, the disease with persistent cough is expected to come with the combination of the ‘swine flu’ and ‘Omicron’ variant, which they call h1n1. Personal hygiene is the most important factor in our protection from disease. We must observe social distancing. If we haven’t been vaccinated at the same time, we should definitely get the flu vaccine. The state provides free vaccination services to patients at risk. Apart from this, it is necessary to be very careful in hand hygiene.”


Karadağ said, “We need to wear masks in public transport and in crowded environments such as schools. One of the important places here is schools. Because children from schools come home as carriers. If there are elderly people at home, unfortunately, by infecting them, bronchitis, asthma and COPD diseases that descend into the lungs can turn into pneumonia, causing serious infections that can hospitalize people.


Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Montenegro said:

“This flu epidemic can even cause death by putting newborn babies in intensive care. The flu epidemic, which was not seen last year because we paid attention to our personal hygiene due to the pandemic, is expected more this year. Unfortunately, all of the doctors in hospital institutions are sick right now, because this disease lasts for 2 weeks. In fact, what we all need to do is maintain our personal immunity.

You have to sleep early. When you sleep late, a hormone called cortisol is released, which lowers immunity. At the same time, the immune-boosting hormone called melatonin is secreted more when we get enough sleep hours.

In order for the immunity not to decrease, I do not eat very different carbonated foods, on the contrary, it is necessary to feed on a protein-based diet in which antibodies are produced. It is necessary to reduce stress and do regular exercise. In this case, when I keep my personal hygiene and immune system alive, infections hit a rocky wall and do not infect.” (DHA)

Source From: Sozcu

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