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Foods to be preferred and avoided for healthy teeth

Experts explained the foods that are beneficial and harmful to consume for healthy teeth.

According to this year’s Great Britain Oral Health Report, a third of people suffer from untreated dental caries, and data from the UK Public Health survey revealed that an average of 31.5 per cent of men and 23.6 per cent of women have caries.

According to the news in the Times, from the Oral Health Foundation dental hygienists, listed what are the best and worst eating habits for teeth.


Snacking is not good for teeth and leads to cavities. “If you must eat sugary foods, limit them to mealtimes only,” says Faizan Zaheer of Bupa Dental Care. “Avoid sipping sugary drinks between meals, as they have the same effect as snacking on a meal,” she says.


While it is known that carbonated and sugary drinks are bad when it comes to dental health, it may not be known that drinks considered as healthy choices can be just as harmful. According to researchers, orange and other juices are highly acidic and can cause erosion over time.


Hard vegetables are good for teeth because the chewing required to eat them helps to gently brush and clean the surfaces of the teeth. It also stimulates saliva flow, which gets rid of food particles and bacteria. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago Dental College described celery as “probably the closest thing in nature to flossing,” and suggested that its fibers and high water content mimic tooth brushing.

Other recommendations for dental health by experts are as follows:

  • Consuming fruit moderately
  • Not just a plant-based diet
  • avoiding vitamin gums
  • Eating a piece of cheese every day
  • Consuming greens alongside starchy carbohydrates
  • Consuming mineral water after meals
  • Chewing sugar-free gum
  • Drinking 1-3 cups of black tea a day
  • Waiting 60 minutes before brushing teeth

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