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Beware of the hidden danger in the liver!

Stating that one out of every 3 people in our country has fatty liver, Gastroenterology Specialist Prof. Dr. İrfan Koruk said, ‘This disease, which progresses insidiously because it does not show any symptoms, causes destruction of liver cells and causes cirrhosis and liver cancer.”

Fatty liver is a disease that should be taken seriously, which occurs due to alcohol and non-alcoholic causes, and is associated with increased fat accumulation in the liver. Gastroenterology Specialist Prof., who pointed out that the rate of transplantation due to liver cirrhosis due to fatty liver has increased rapidly in recent years. Dr. İrfan Koruk said, “It is predicted that the most common cause of liver transplantation in patients undergoing liver transplantation in the next 10 years will be fatty liver” and explained what should be known about this serious disease.

prof. Dr. İrfan Koruk


There is no specific finding directly caused by fatty liver. It is often detected incidentally during examinations made during general health screenings. The most important method for the diagnosis of the disease is liver ultrasonography. A follow-up protocol is determined by investigating the cellular effects of adiposity with some blood tests to be performed as a further examination in people with hepatic steatosis. Patients should also be examined in terms of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, insulin resistance. In a limited number of patients, liver biopsy may be required for further diagnosis.

You may also be in the risk group.

Metabolic factors are very important in fatty liver disease. Fatty liver is common especially in cases such as being overweight, insulin resistance, presence of diabetes, high blood lipids, and presence of heart disease. At the same time, the incidence of cardiovascular disease is high in patients with fatty liver disease. Fatty liver can lead to many serious diseases, from liver inflammation to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Why is it so common in our country?

Fatty liver disease is found in 75-80 percent of those with obesity, 60-70 percent of diabetics, and 70 percent of those with high cholesterol. According to the data of the World Health Organization, our country has the highest obesity rate in Europe. The high prevalence of obesity and diabetes naturally causes an increase in fatty liver disease. In the screening studies conducted in our country, the frequency of fatty liver was found to be between 48-60%. In other words, one out of every three people has fatty liver. With this rate, our country is among the countries with the most fatty liver disease in the world. Fatty liver can be seen in 5 percent of normal weight individuals in the general population.

Here is the most important medicine of the disease

First of all, it should be noted that there is no specific drug approved by any health authority in the world today for fatty liver disease. Lifestyle changes are essential in the treatment of the disease. In particular, regulation of nutrition, getting rid of excess weight, limiting alcohol intake and regular exercise are the most important pillars of treatment. While the use of unsaturated fats such as vegetables, fruits (must be consumed in moderation), olive oil, sesame oil is emphasized; Packaged products, starch-based sugar-containing and high-energy foods should be avoided. Losing excess weight can reverse fatty liver in the long run. Research has shown that a 5% reduction in body weight can stop and even reverse liver cellular damage, while a 10% reduction in liver fat. In addition to these, some drugs can also be used in the treatment, especially in people with concomitant diseases. However, the decision of this must be made by a physician, and especially products that are unknown and not approved by the Health Authority should be avoided.

Watch out for the corn syrup!

Starch-based sugar, which has been used in recent years even in non-sweet foods such as ketchup and salad dressings, poses a serious risk. Although there is an official limit for the use of starch-based sugar, which is not used in the majority of European countries or is subject to strict restrictions, this rate is higher than the rates in many European countries. Starch-based sugar; It accelerates the formation of fatty liver and the progression of the existing disease. When consumed in large amounts, it increases intestinal permeability, causes changes in the intestine and triggers inflammation by increasing the release of certain substances in the liver.

Is coffee beneficial?

Studies conducted around the world have reported that coffee consumption has a protective effect against some diseases. It is known that the consumption of one or two cups of coffee daily is also beneficial on fatty liver.

Source From: Sozcu

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