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Pharmacists decided to take action across Turkey

Many drugs cannot be found in pharmacies, patients return empty-handed, there are arguments with pharmacists. The Turkish Pharmacists Association took an “action decision” across Turkey. A big rally will be held in Ankara on Sunday, October 16.


The Turkish Pharmacists Association decided to take action across Turkey. Arman Üney, President of the Turkish Pharmacists Association, said, “We will be at the big pharmacist rally on Sunday, October 16, together with all our colleagues, our pharmacy staff, our young colleagues studying at pharmacy faculties, and our families, in white coats.”


In his statement, Üney stated that they are working with great devotion for the access of the society to the right, effective and reliable medicine and for the protection of public health.

– Pharmacists, who should be treated and protected, were almost left to their fate. We cannot find a response to our demands; We don’t see the value we deserve. We cannot celebrate the 25 September World Pharmacists’ Day in our country this year, but we stand by our profession, which is under economic threat.

The Turkish Pharmacists’ Association announced that they will hold a rally on Sunday, October 16 to draw attention to the problems experienced by more than 46 thousand pharmacists and more than 80 thousand pharmacy workers who are members of all pharmacist chambers in Turkey. (PHOTO: Latif Censor / SÖZCÜ)


– Before we can even meet our most basic operating expenses, we are trying to survive by paying off our debts to pharmaceutical warehouses with credit debts. We are open for that reason “for now”.

– We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We say stop to the drug shortages that make both our colleagues and our patients suffer. We have repeatedly presented our projects that will increase the quality and effectiveness of healthcare services to health authorities. But unfortunately it has always been ignored. We are now in the squares to call out with one voice, one heart.

Source From: Sozcu

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