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Ministry of Health withdraws from ‘doctor battering’ case

Neurology Specialist Dr. Feray Yelmen at Ankara Training and Research Hospital, on the grounds that he did not prescribe medication without a report. In the case where Ebru Ergin Bakar was tried without arrest on the charge of beating her, the defendant’s lawyer demanded a ‘stop’ decision by stating that an investigation was being conducted against the doctor on the allegation that he had received a false battering report. The lawyer of the Ministry of Health stated that the doctor’s dismissal from the ministry was in the process of being terminated and asked for the requests to be removed.

In the incident that occurred in Ankara Training and Research Hospital Yenimahalle District Polyclinic in February, Neurology Specialist Dr. Feray Yelmen argued on the grounds that she did not prescribe medication without seeing the report. It was alleged that he beat Ebru Ergin Bakar. Feray Yelmen, who was taken into custody upon Bakar’s complaint, was arrested by the judgeship in the courthouse to which she was transferred. The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office filed a lawsuit against him with a prison sentence of 6 years and 9 months on charge of “intentionally injuring a person who fulfills his public duties”. Yelmen was released on probation.

Neurologist Dr. Ebru Ergin Bakar


While the pending suspect did not attend the second hearing of the case, which was held at the Ankara 74th Criminal Court of First Instance, the lawyers of the parties were present. The defendant’s lawyer said that the doctor’s report, which he claimed caused his client’s arrest, was fake and that they filed a criminal complaint with the Ankara Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The lawyer, who claimed that Bakar did not go to the Ankara Training and Research Hospital, where he received the battering report, claimed that the report was prepared without being examined by the doctor who gave the battering report. The lawyer stated that although the doctor claimed that Bakar was receiving inpatient treatment, he was never hospitalized, the incident happened at 12.34; however, he claimed that the time of the assault report given to Bakar was 12.20.

Stating that the investigation continues against Bakar and the doctors who signed the report for forgery in the official document, abuse of power and incitement, the lawyer requested a decision to stay in the file until the investigation is concluded.

The Ministry of Health lawyer, Dr. He demanded that Bakar is in the process of being dismissed from the ministry, therefore the ministry’s title of participating in the case should be removed.


After the prosecutor’s opinion, the court announced its interim decision, Dr. It decided to take Bakar to Ankara Training and Research Hospital Forensic Medicine Institute under police supervision to determine whether there was a permanent scar on his face after the beating and whether any of his senses and organs had lost their function.

The court, accepting the request of the Ministry of Health lawyer and removing his title as a participant, also requested the documents of the investigation regarding the health workers who prepared a report to Bakar from the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

While it was decided that the video CD of the incident would be sent to the expert again and a report would be taken, it was decided that the request of the defendant’s lawyer to stop would be decided in the next session. The hearing was adjourned. (DHA)

Source From: Sozcu

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