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Covid-19 cases started to increase: Huge rise in hospitalization

While the Corona virus bans and restrictions were reduced, a worrying development occurred, confirming the statements of scientists that “the cases will increase as the winter season approaches”.

A statement that caused concern about the corona virus epidemic, which caused the death of more than 6 million people worldwide, came from England… It has been revealed that there has been a large increase in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations in the UK, where the number of cases has been low since the beginning of July.

According to official data, it was determined that there was a 20 percent increase in hospitalizations due to Covid-19 in the country. While the authorities called for those living in the country to have a reminder dose, they asked people to stay at home in case they got sick.

Pointing out that the number of cases has increased in the last 7 days, the authorities pointed out that 3434 people were hospitalized in England last week, while this number increased to 4015 this week, increasing by 17 percent.

Senior Medical Advisor to the British Health Safety Agency, Dr. Susan Hopkins said, “Although Covid-19 cases are still low, the number of hospitalizations is high. Those who have the opportunity to be vaccinated need to be vaccinated because it is necessary to strengthen their immunity until the winter months. All vaccines currently used allow Covid-19 to be mild.”

Dr. Hopkins said, “As the weather gets colder, we will see an increase in respiratory infections. If you do not feel well, do not leave your home and do not meet with those in the risk group.

Source From: Sozcu

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