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Little Yusuf came back from the dead because of the “peanut” in his lung!

Yusuf, 1.5, who was eating nuts with his friends on the balcony of their house in the centrally connected village of Karacaören, suddenly fell ill. After a while, Yusuf’s mother, Gülden Han, started coughing, bruising and being unable to breathe, and thought that something was stuck in her child’s throat.


Han, who tried to remove the foreign body that had escaped down his throat by hitting the child’s back, was unsuccessful and took little Yusuf to the training and research hospital in Aksaray. In the detailed examinations performed here, it was observed that the child’s right lung was not ventilated.

The child, working against him with every passing minute, was prepped for an emergency bronchoscopy (the process of looking at the lungs with a camera). After the successful operation, the peanut in his lung was removed, Yusuf began to breathe comfortably, his complaints ended.


Gulden Han, the mother of two, said Yusuf suddenly fell ill and started crying. Noting that he tried to do something on his own when he saw that his child was having difficulty breathing, but failed, Han said:

“I was very scared, I couldn’t do much. Then my son started coughing, a growl in his throat, he couldn’t breathe easily. We took him to the training hospital and looking for Aksaray when his lips started to turn purple. We were immediately referred to the pediatric surgery ward. My teacher examined him and found that he was short of breath. He said he may have swallowed an object. Then it was treated. Thank goodness my baby is in very good health now. The advice to mothers is not to bring anything like nuts home.”


Specialist from the Department of Pediatric Surgery at Aksaray Training and Research Hospital Dr. Lecturer Mustafa Tusat also said that he observed that little Yusuf suffered from respiratory distress and bruising started during his first exam.

Explaining that they saw a foreign body completely covering part of the lung during examinations, Tusat said:

“We immediately took our baby to surgery for a bronchoscopy. We managed to remove the peanut that completely covered Yusuf’s right lung. We completed the operation without any complications on our baby. Yusuf’s condition is fine. Early Foreign Body Diagnosis Saves Lives Nuts in Families with Young Children, “We recommend that children not buy nuts until they grow up, if necessary. There is a situation that endangers the lives of our puppies. It is very important to take protective measures for our children in our homes.”

Source: Cumhuriyet

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