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GIF: Drugs withdrawn from pharmacies. Do you have them in your medicine cabinet? Remove immediately! The latest list June 24, 2022.

Medicines withdrawn from pharmacies all over Poland. Find out which drugs have been recalled from pharmacies across the country because they have been found to be incorrectly formulated or labeled. It is worth getting acquainted with the reasons why these drugs were withdrawn from pharmacies, and also check whether you have them in your first aid kit. Be careful! Medicines should not be disposed of with the garbage. It is best to take them to the nearest pharmacy. If you have any doubts about the drug series and name, please consult your doctor.

Mission Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector is to ensure the safety of patients by exercising supervision and control over the production and sale of medicinal products.

The most important tasks of the Main Pharmaceutical Inspector include:

  • determining the directions of activities of the Pharmaceutical Inspection, coordination and control of the performance of tasks by voivodeship pharmaceutical inspectors;
  • supervising the conditions of manufacturing medicinal products for human and animal use, cooperating with the competent Pharmaceutical Inspections of third countries, including European Union Member States;
  • ensuring the conduct of production and wholesale distribution inspections;
  • supervising compliance with the provisions of the Pharmaceutical Law in the field of advertising of pharmacies and medicinal products;
  • issues decisions and permits;
  • supervising the production, processing, processing, storage, trading and destruction of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and category 1 precursors by controlling the implementation of obligations under Regulation 273/2004, Regulation 111/2005 and the provisions of the Act on counteracting drug addiction.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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Drugs withdrawn from pharmacies in July 2022. Remove these drugs from your first aid kit right away. GIF withdrew them! Check it out!

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