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Warning against cystitis by a medical specialist: “Diagnosis and treatment should not be neglected”

Specialist in urology Opr. Dr. Serhat Kerman drew attention to the disease of cystitis, which every second woman has had at least once in her life. Stating that cystitis is more common in women than in men due to their anatomical structures, Opr. Dr Kerman,Cystitis, inflammation of the bladder, is usually manifested by complaints of burning in urination, frequent urination, a sudden urge to urinate, pain in the groin and smelly urine. However, the cause of these complaints is not always cystitis, known as a simple bladder infection. Most of the time, antibiotics are used without even a urine analysis on the basis of complaints and recommendations of unauthorized and unqualified people, the recovery of the patient is left to chance or serious illnesses are ignored. he said.


Op. Dr. Kerman noted that cystitis is not normally a serious condition, but neglecting it or misdiagnosing it can lead to poor outcomes. Recalling the importance of consulting a doctor, and possibly a specialist in urology, in the event of symptoms, Opr. Dr. Kerman continued:

“The first test to do is a urine analysis. If possible, a urine culture should be performed to identify the bacteria responsible for cystitis. According to the results of the analysis, appropriate antibiotic treatment is started. Pregnant women are given antibiotics suitable for use during pregnancy. Some types of cystitis have nothing to do with germs. Radiation, parasites, hygiene chemicals, cystitis related to the body’s immunity have many different forms of treatment. Especially in patients with recurrent cystitis and given the history and age of the patient, giving the same symptoms; stone, sand or cancer, diseases of neighboring organs must certainly come to mind. For these reasons, if possible, an ultrasound check should be performed in each case of cystitis, and further investigations should be performed if necessary.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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