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Hoarseness and pain can be life-threatening

Make important statements about the diagnosis and methods of treatment of laryngitis, noting that the disease can cause serious health problems, specialist in otolaryngology and audiology Op. Dr. Edge of the Danube, “Inflammation of the larynx is medically referred to as laryngitis. There are many subunits of the larynx, but we mainly concern the vocal cords and the structures around them. Causes such as edema and swelling of the vocal cords can cause inflammation. Laryngitis also has infectious causes due to voice abuse. We also have infections. We see more external health problems, but in cases such as seasonal changes and nasal congestion, we can see laryngitis due to infectious agents when the throat is dry.Factors such as viruses or bacteria can cause edema or inflammation of the vocal cords.It is accompanied by complaints such as hoarseness, fever, sore throat and difficulty in swallowing.There are different types of laryngitis in young children.They have more viral factors.Of course, shortness of breath respiratory problems. ires can occur in children. Because of these problems, they have to make a hole in their throat and intubate. Although it may seem simple, it can reach a life-threatening situation in some sections. said.


Explaining that the camera is used to better detect the complaint in the vocal cords of the patient, Dr. Bord, “Our doctor friends who know the diagnosis and treatment method of laryngitis can make the diagnosis when they see the patient. This disease can be seen by our subject matter experts. We can understand this because the patient’s voice is hoarse. Also, if there is too much edema, the patient cannot lie on his back and stands upright, tilting his head forward. Because depending on the position, there may be very severe pain when there is shortness of breath In less severe cases, physical examination of the vocal cord is checked for a problem by looking at the vocal cords with a camera Hoarseness can also be detected looking through the camera.After making the diagnosis, when it is decided that there is a problem caused by an infection such as viral or bacterial, we apply drug treatment.In fact, laryngitis is a type of upper respiratory tract infection. Of course, i There are other illnesses like this that cause serious respiratory problems. These diseases create serious problems if they worsen in the lungs. If the patient’s vocal cord is not an infection-related complaint when we look at the patient’s vocal cord with a camera, edema may also occur due to excessive smoking, bad weather or loud shouting. We treat this edema with different drugs to reduce it. We encounter laryngitis more often in public and crowded spaces. If laryngitis is not treated early, the airways may become blocked and breathing may become difficult. In this case, it is necessary either to intubate or to make a hole in the throat so that the patient can breathe healthy air. In order not to encounter this problem, it is very important to consult a doctor in time. he said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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