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How to overcome your fear of work?

Work is almost a necessity in today’s world. The battles for various positions in reputable companies are still going on, and it is not easy to break through, even with a very good CV and references. And when it finally succeeds, the fear of work is not infrequently added to everyday worries. After all, this is a new challenge that needs to be overcome somehow, and not everyone immediately feels up to it. What if the tasks entrusted to us turn out to be too difficult and we cannot cope with it?

Fear of work it can appear in a variety of situations. Sometimes we don’t even realize that our anxiety and malaise are related to our professional life. Rarely, though, there are cases where work anxiety turns into a serious disorder called ergophobia. People suffering from it are not only afraid of another day full of duties, but in the world they simply feel the fear of taking up any professional activity.

Fear of work – causes

Everyone approaches their professional life a bit differently, which is why the causes of fear of work can be very different. Most often, however, anxiety is associated with longer break from workwhich we do out of necessity. The longer our period of “no work” is, the more difficult it is for us to break through and return to the previously performed duties. Then we think of our daily tasks as something bad, which we have to come back to again and which we will not be able to free ourselves from. Fear of work also manifests itself frequently in people who they change their position or place of employment many times. In fact, before their body has time to get used to the habits of a given company, it has to adapt to the next, sometimes completely different rules. This provokes stressful situations, and their multiplicity is not uncommon leads to the development of neurosis.

For some, fear of work may be the cause aversion to public speaking or also inability to make new friends and maintaining interpersonal relationships. In the first case, a person feels embarrassed when he has to present, for example, his ideas about a specific project. As for the failure to deal with interpersonal contacts, this is mainly the case for loners who have become accustomed to relying only on themselves. Then, however, they have an alternative and can take advantage of remote work, where interpersonal contacts are very limited. Fear of work can also be a consequence fear of asking key questions. New employees are often afraid to speak to more experienced colleagues with a request for help or with questions about the task they are performing. The reason here is the fear of the criticism they expect from colleagues or superiors who are upset by their question.

What can I do to overcome my fear of work?

First of all, it is worth considering whether the fear of work is not due to that we chose the wrong profession and we do not fulfill our position. We should think if we are really doing something that we know each other very well and that gives us any satisfaction. Maybe we decided on a given job because it was available at the moment, someone recommended it to us, or we did not have other prospects at the moment? It doesn’t hurt to look for an alternative that could quickly help us regain self-confidence. Fear of work it can also be the fruit of a conflictwe have with a co-worker or, worse, a supervisor. No matter how serious the situation may be, it is worth explaining it and reconciling both sides. As long as we sweep it under the rug, the problem will persist and the fear will continue to grow. If the cause of fear of work is our shyness, we should take small steps to break the first ice cream. In a new place, you don’t have to talk to everyone right away and become the life of the party. It is worth being nice, helpful, smiling a lot, and at the same time being honest – this way people from the environment will see that you can get along with us and, if necessary, we will not be perceived as the most repulsive. If we want to avoid fear of a new job, let’s not cheat when completing your CV. Many people applying for a coveted position tend to colorize and stretch reality. Meanwhile, some of the inaccuracies may already come out during our recruitment interview. If it happens then, we will at best feel a bit of a shame, but when we manage to slip through the recruitment and get a job, our lack of experience or the ability to perform the tasks entrusted to us will emerge very quickly. Then the fear that someone might expose us will accompany us all the time.

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