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Tobacco companies instructed to reduce nicotine in cigarettes

Tobacco companies will be forced to lower the nicotine content of cigarettes as part of an effort to reduce the number of smokers in the United States. The goal is for products to be less addictive…

led by US President Joe Biden The White House Budget Office said yesterday that the proposal to set a “maximum level of nicotine in cigarettes” will help prevent teens from becoming addicted and make it easier for long-term smokers to quit.

According to the news in the Times, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also predicted that this move could lead to eight million fewer deaths from tobacco-related diseases by the end of the century.

Joe Biden…

The nicotine substance found in tobacco is highly addictive, activating receptors in the brain that release the feel-good chemical dopamine, causing smokers to want more.

The plan was welcomed by tobacco control groups, but the industry is also likely to oppose it.

A study published in 2018 found that when smokers were randomly given a low-nicotine cigarette, they smoked less and showed fewer signs of addiction. It was stated that 12.5 percent of Americans smoke. In the UK, this figure was 14.5% in 2020.

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