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The suspicious case from Naxos is chickenpox and not chickenpox

We are talking about the third suspicious case of Naxos

Chickenpox and not smallpox of monkeys is finally the suspicious case from Naxos, according to a newer information.

This is a 30-year-old man from Britain who was located in Naxos. He was airlifted to Attikon Hospital after showing symptoms. The epidemiological report from EODY is also expected during the day.

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Everything we need to know

Elias Mosialos recently appeared reassuring about the monkey pox.

The professor of Health Policy of the LSE School of Economics and Political Science in a post on Facebook noted that “the risk to the general population remains minimal and there is no need for panic or overreaction.”

He wrote in detail:

“It seems that there is a case of smallpox in our country as well.

But let me remind you here 6 points to remember:

  • Since the beginning of the year we have 1400 possible cases of smallpox in Africa and 66 deaths. We now have about 1000 cases outside Africa
  • All cases outside Africa are mild and we have not had any deaths so far.
  • Transmission of monkey pox is very difficult and only after very close contact with the infected or prolonged contact with objects used by the infected.
  • There are medicines and vaccines, including the smallpox vaccine, which is effective against smallpox.
  • We also know that older adults, who have had the smallpox vaccine in the past, are also quite protected against monkeypox.
  • “The risk to the general population remains minimal and there is no need to panic or overreact.”

Source: tanea

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