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It has one in 500 men… It can be a harbinger of diseases

One out of every 500 men has an extra sex chromosome, according to a new study. This means a high risk of health problems such as type 2 diabetes, clogged blood vessels and COPD.

A study of more than 200,000 men registered with the UK Biobank, which studies environmental exposures in the development of genetic susceptibility and disease in the UK, found that approximately one in 500 people in the general population has an extra X or Y chromosome. It was also stated that this number is twice the number found in previous studies.

While most men have an X and a Y chromosome, some are born XXY or XYY, which puts them at increased risk for health problems such as type 2 diabetes, clogged blood vessels and COPD, a lung condition.

One of the senior authors of the study, Prof. Ken Ong said, “We were surprised at how common this was. “It was thought to be pretty rare,” he said.


The study team analyzed the DNA of 207,067 men of European descent, aged between 40 and 70. 231 males with extra X chromosomes and 143 males with extra Y chromosomes were identified. Based on the data, scientists estimate that 1 in 500 men in the general population carries an extra X or Y chromosome.

It also found that carrying an extra sex chromosome increases the risk of various medical conditions. The researchers found that, compared with XY men, carrying an extra sex chromosome tripled the risk of type 2 diabetes and blocked blood vessels in the lungs, quadrupling the risk of COPD, and increasing the risk of atherosclerosis sixfold. There is no clear information about why extra chromosomes have such an effect.

The study noted that XXY men have significantly lower testosterone than XY men and have a four times higher risk of infertility. Although the effects of an extra Y chromosome have not been fully determined, it has been observed that XYY males tend to be taller as males and adults and have normal reproductive function.

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