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Description of the “monkeypox virus” by the president of HBTV

Within the framework of the 2nd National Congress of Wild Animals Ali Eroğlu, President of the Turkish Association of Veterinary Doctorsmakes statements on the monkeypox virus on the agenda.

Stating that the 2nd National Wild Animal Congress is very significant and important, Eroğlu said the importance of wild animals, especially due to the Coronavirus in recent years, has again been revealed. Expressing that attention has been drawn to wildlife and wild animals in the coronavirus pandemic, Eroğlu said: “In the future, it is necessary to protect the balance of nature and wildlife so that epidemics or similar negativities do not occur in the world. It is a congress that we consider important for veterinarians, because it is a congress about revealing many different and varied aspects of wildlife, the sustainability of wildlife and what can be done scientifically and institutionally at this end. We hope that this congress will be useful. We hope that the results will be put into practice in our country.” said.

Referring to monkeypox, which is a zoonotic viral disease that emerged in recent days and was transmitted from animals to humans, Eroğlu said:Monkeypox is a viral disease found in monkey rodents, especially squirrels. It can infect humans and cause death. It’s been on the world’s agenda for a few days now. There is no need to panic for our country, but we must be careful. Since this disease mainly affects rodents and squirrels, we recommend that our people do not keep this type of wild and wild animals.” he said.

Emphasizing that there is no risk of transmission of monkeypox to pets, Eroğlu said:

In viral illnesses, malaise, high fever, headache, and swelling typical of monkeypox usually occur. If they feel unwell, our people should go to a health facility as soon as possible. The most frequently asked question to us. ‘Does this disease infect pets?’ Pets are not contagious. People can be comfortable with that.

– According to the information we have received, there are currently 240 cases of monkeypox worldwide. It doesn’t sound like a global pandemic, but we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. In this regard, I believe that it is necessary to take the necessary precautions, especially in areas such as the movement and circulation of people. In the bulletins of the WHO, it is indicated in which countries the disease prevails. Therefore, the necessary measures should be taken against these countries.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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