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teacher. Dr. Turan: We will get rid of the mask this summer

According to data from the ‘Daily Covid-19 Table’ announced by the Ministry of Health yesterday; 905 cases have been detected and 5 people have died.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made a statement on his Twitter account yesterday, “The day we’ve been waiting for has arrived. The number of cases has fallen below a thousand. Our death count, on the other hand, is when the number of deaths is below a thousand for three days in a row, l The use of masks will be free, not mandatory, on public transport. I hope to inform you of lower numbers. used expressions.

Member of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. Sema Turan said: “The decrease in the number of cases below a thousand indicates that the prevalence in society has decreased significantly. Indeed, the number of cases has decreased a lot. I think it looks like we will get rid of more of the mask. clearly this summer. As the Minister expressed, the number of cases today and tomorrow. If the number of cases is less than a thousand, the mask is removed everywhere. We have already made this decision during the last scientific committee. We recommended that the mask be worn mostly indoors, in areas like public transport, until the number of cases drops below a thousand. It is really a question of personal preference. Nothing is mandatory. “Anyone can wear it. I suggest that only our elderly patients and young people with symptoms of illness should be careful,” he said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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