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Smartphones can damage your teeth? The scientific evidence is clear

Using a mobile phone is an inseparable part of the everyday life of modern people. Hardly anyone can imagine normal functioning without this useful accessory. It turns out, however, that constantly checking notifications and following social media via a smartphone can contribute to the deterioration of the teeth. Such conclusions were reached by scientists from The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine in Tel Aviv.

Smartphones and their effect on the dentition

Scientists from The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University made a surprising discovery. Research conducted on a group of 600 people aged 18 to 35 allowed them to notice the relationship between the regular use of mobile devices and the deterioration of the dentition.

It turned out that every fourth person using a smartphone she was clenching her jaw unconsciously during the day, and nearly 21% of respondents did it also at night, while sleeping. Moreover, users of mobile devices participating in the experiment complained of annoyance pain in the muscles of the head and neck. In the case of the remaining people, who used the telephone less frequently, these problems did not take their toll on that much.

Stress, FOMO syndrome and dental problems

Experts have linked the involuntary need to grit one’s teeth to stress that may accompany the regular use of mobile devices. Thus, they proved that people who have difficulty tearing away from the phone can struggle with bruxism. At this point, it is worth emphasizing that an untreated disease carries a number of serious health consequences, such as cracking, displacement and loosening of the teeth or lowering the gums.

According to researchers from The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine, bruxism may be the result of FOMO syndromemanifested by nervous control of content on the phone, as well as the fear that we missed something on TikTok, Facebook or Instagram.

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