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In Colombia there are 0.06 deaths from covid for every million inhabitants

General and Covid-19 emergency room of this Nueva El Lago Clinic.

Photo: Oscar Perez

This Friday, the Ministry of Health announced that Colombia continues to be among the countries that have presented the fewest cases of covid-19 in recent months. During the last week, “Colombia is at 4.12 cases per million inhabitants and 0.06 cases of confirmed deaths per million inhabitants,” explained Claudia Cuéllar, director of Epidemiology and Demography of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. (You can also read: One in three pregnant women with covid-19 who had to access an ICU did not make it)

Despite the fact that the positivity rate, that is, the percentage of positive samples with respect to the total number of samples processed, is low in the country, the official indicated that, since the last report, it doubled, going from 2 to 4%, from according to the PCR tests. The Ministry has previously indicated that, according to the recommendation of the WHO, the rate should be kept below 5% for virus control. For Claudia Cuéllar, this increase could be due to the mobilization that occurred during Holy Week or to the changes that the Ministry had in the case report, going from a daily report to a weekly report.

“We have to be aware of the transmissibility, of the contacts, of carrying out this surveillance quickly to avoid generating important conglomerates or small peaks,” said the official, explaining that epidemiological surveillance must be maintained in the territories, as well as the biosecurity measures for the population at risk (over 60 years of age, with comorbidities or without vaccination). (You may be interested in: This is the epidemiological situation of people who inject drugs in Colombia)

The new measures that have been implemented in the country are given within the framework of progress in the National Vaccination Plan. From May 1, the decision to leave the use of the mask in the country. This measure can only be implemented in territories that comply with 70% of complete vaccination schedules and, of this indicator, 40% of reinforcements. In fact, only this past Thursday, May 12, the Mayor’s Office of Cali announced that, as of this weekend, it complied with the percentages required to lift the mandatory use of face masks and from next May 15 the mandatory use of masks will be eliminated. masks in schools in the country.

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