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“I was lucky because I knew a lot about it.” Karolina Gruszka about her illness

Karolina Gruszka is one of the best Polish actresses. The artist has had health problems for some time. On Dzień Dobry TVN she spoke for the first time about the struggle with multiple sclerosis and how the disease changed her life.

Karolina Gruszka about multiple sclerosis

Karolina Gruszka is known primarily for her film and theater roles. The artist rarely talks about her private life. This time, however, she made an exception. For the needs of kampanii społecznej NEUROzmobilizowaniwhose aim is to raise awareness about MS – she decided to talk about her experiences and struggles with MS for the first time. – I made the decision to join the NEURO mobilized campaign because I am convinced that it is worth speaking out and educating about diseases that affect an increasing part of society – and in this case, especially often young people planning their lives, starting families, studying or starting work . Also because I know very well what a person hearing the diagnosis and living with the disease is facing – in 2017 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis – said Karolina Gruszka.

The actress confessed that she knew a lot about the disease. Thanks to this, when she noticed the first disturbing symptoms, she immediately consulted a neurologist. When the doctor confirmed MS after the tests, the actress began treatment almost immediately. Unfortunately, the first drug she received did not work. The next therapy – fortunately – turned out to be effective. – She completely stopped the disease. I take the drug twice a year. I have been operating in 100% for years. normally. I actually forget about MS, I don’t think of myself as a sick person. I’m here to pour some optimism into MS. Normal life is possible provided the disease is detected early – she added.

Multiple sclerosis – what is the treatment like in Poland?

Although there are drugs available in Poland that can inhibit the development of the disease, the MS treatment system requires improvement. – A number of drugs from the so-called first line is refundable. There are also pharmaceuticals available for patients in whom first-line preparations have proved ineffective, but are only partially reimbursed. Medicines for the so-called high efficiency, i.e. those that I take are not refundable. We really want this to change – said Karolina Gruszka.

– The sooner the treatment is introduced, the greater the chances of stopping the disease. If we use high-efficiency drugs at the very beginning, patients can live normally and function normally – said Prof. Krzysztof Selmaj, a neurologist.

Multiple sclerosis – what is this disease?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease with which in Poland over 45,000 people struggle. The disease is most often diagnosed in young people between the ages of 20 and 40. Women are more likely to suffer from MS. Even though medicine cannot cure MS completely, with early detection and appropriate medications, the disease can be brought under control and patients can lead a normal life without any restrictions.

– Multiple sclerosis is a very variable disease and its symptoms can vary widely. The disease causes damage to the nerve myelin, a substance that isolates the nerve fibers and enables rapid conduction within the brain and spinal cord. Such damage can occur in various places. Very often, the first symptom of the disease is visual disturbance – said the specialist.

We should also be concerned about this disturbances in motor coordination and balance, limb paresis, sensory disturbances, tingling. – There are many symptoms and they can appear in various configurations – the expert explained. The test that can detect MS is magnetic resonance imaging. – It’s the only technique that allows you to see the changes. In addition, the cerebrospinal fluid is tested and blood tests are performed that allow to exclude other diseases – the expert added.

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