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Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool: The next day in smartphone cooling

With the evolution of the capabilities of smartphones, the requirements for proper cooling of the devices increase. Xiaomi has just introduced Loop LiquidCool technology that promises revolutionary results in smartphone cooling.

Xiaomi claims that Loop LiquidCool technology is much more effective in lowering the temperature of a smartphone than the traditional forms of air cooling used today. By introducing liquid to the point to be cooled, evaporating the liquid and distributing the cold air through a specially designed passage, Xiaomi’s system creates a closed cooling loop that promises consistently good temperatures.

Xiaomi’s system separates liquids from gases better, using two channels for better heat and cooling management. To show the advantages of its method, Xiaomi used a specially modified MIX 4, whose temperature could reach up to 47.7 degrees Celsius. Xiaomi’s Loop LiquidCool technology dropped the temperature by up to 8.7 degrees Celsius.

Xiaomi’s first smartphones with this cooling device are expected to make their appearance up to second half of 2022.

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