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Apple would be finishing the development of realityOS

Some time ago we talked about realityOSthe operating system that should arrive in Apple’s virtual reality devices, and that It would have specific modifications for the platform, in the same way that we find specific modifications for the iPad in iPadOS.

However, according to what we can read in WCCFTech, it seems that Apple is about to finish the development of realityOSso that both the operating system and at least a prototype of the hardware itself would be ready to start testing.something that will take a reasonable time as it is the first time that the company gets into something like this.

Geeknetic Apple would be finishing the development of realityOS 1

For now not much is known about Apple’s virtual reality headset, But if it is rumored that this device will be prohibitively expensive with a price that could reach 3000 dollars, a price reserved for very high-performance devices, a level for which Apple will have to work extremely hard if it wants to sell a significant number of headsets.

Considering the price, it would be interesting to see a helmet with an Apple M1 processor inside, accompanied by next-generation lenses, What would the pancake type be like?and very high resolution screens, but all this we will not know until later.

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