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The creator of Oculus invents a VR Glasses that kill you in real life

The creator of the Oculus VR and Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses, Palmer Luckey, has designed his own VR set based on the Sword Art Online anime series. East particular design of VR glasses It has an exclusive feature, and that is that just like in the game, when you are eliminated you also you will die in real life. This design follows that of this anime series, called NeverGearwhere players cannot take them off so as not to suffer serious consequences.

In this model designed by Palmer Luckey, which he has called OQPNVG, it has some differences from the NeverGear from the anime series. This curious design uses three modules with explosive charges on top of VR glasses, which would be detonated by aiming directly at the user’s brain. A function that will be activated when the OQPNVG VR glasses detect that the user has been eliminated in the gameobtaining the same result in real life.

Geeknetic The creator of Oculus invents VR Glasses that kill you in real life 1

But the problem with this type of VR Glasses is that could not be tested, since the user could experience some failures during the test, with only one chance. try this design with some kind of errorit would give a fatal outcome in which the explosives would fulfill their function, even without having ended your life in the game.

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