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The controls of the Meta Quest Pro have a hidden touchpad

A few weeks ago, Meta launched the new Quest Pro, its virtual reality headset with the highest price and highest performance, in which we found first-class technology, such as pancake-type lenses, among other things. However, something that the users of this helmet have been able to discover -and not thanks to the official documentation-is the presence of a touchpad on the controls.

Meta did not explain at any time that the controls had a touchpad integrated inside, and it does not appear in the manual either, although it was known that this area was sensitive to pressure thanks to a Hall sensor. However, as we can see in the tweet below these lines, there is definitely a touchpad under the case.

Hopefully this is a feature that Meta plans to release in the future, so We will have to be attentive to a possible announcement by the company related to additional functionality in the command.

For now it is unknown why Meta would have hidden this from the world, but it is possible that with a future update its existence will be made official, in addition to perhaps improving their performance, since they could still be fine-tuning their response.

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