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The PSVR 2 enters production with the hope of sales higher than the first generation

The first generation of PSVR was the first time we could play virtual reality on a Sony console, and achieved sales figures good enough for the company to decide to invest in creating a second generation with better specifications that could take advantage of the power of the new PlayStation 5.

However, as we can read in Android Central, it seems that Sony has to generate more interest with this second generation, and it is that really, on paper, It is a very interesting virtual reality helmet that, together with the power of the PlayStation 5, it should be very capable of providing impressive experiences.

Geeknetic The PSVR 2 enters production with the hope of sales exceeding the first generation 1

Sony is so confident in this second generation of virtual reality that, in principle, they hope to exceed the sales of the first generation, with an estimated production of 2 million units by March 20232 million units that they should sell for roughly $400 each.

As a frame of reference, the first generation of PSVR sold one million units during its first year, with a total of 6 million units during the life of the PlayStation 4, so they are not bad figures to overcome.

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