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The Oculus Quest 2 will have the mode at 120Hz by default

Oculus -now Meta- has a good time working in a 120Hz mode for his Quest 2, thus being a feature available only in the beta version of the firmware for more than a year. Nevertheless, As we can read on Twitter, this will become the default mode of these virtual reality glasses.

We find this information on the Twitter account of John Carmack, CTO at Oculus VR, where we can read that this mode will allow applications -even those that play video at 60fps-consider the existence of a 120Hz mode and operate on it.

This will eliminate the flickering caused by playing video at 60fps on the glasses, as well as solve other problems, improving the overall user experience along the way sometimes having even more fluid video than we can usually find.

Definitely, This is a highly anticipated functionality by users of the stable version, that they have sometimes beta-tested the system for the first time just to see how the higher refresh rate worked on the Quest 2, and may or may not have reverted back to the stable version.

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