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Meta Quest Pro leaked in a hotel room

The Meta Quest Pro is not a product that officially exists, but according to what we can read on YouTube, a prototype found in a hotel room has been leaked that lets us see some of Meta’s secrets regarding this device, so it is definitely an interesting finding, in the absence of corroborating that it is true.

On the front of the helmet we would find three color cameras, which exceed the monochrome capabilities of the current model, In addition to providing us with a better experience when using the pass through of the hull to observe our surroundings.

Pancake-type lenses are also used, a long-awaited advance in the VR industry, as well as a new design for the controls that gets rid of the open-circle design that we generally find in most controls of this style.and that houses in that area the sensors necessary for monitoring the hands.

This new helmet, codenamed Project Cambria, is expected to be unveiled at the next Meta event, called Meta Connect, on October 11.something that will allow us to know this helmet in more depth and verify the veracity of this leak.

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