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New Qualcomm XR2 AR Smart Viewer Glasses Feature 1920×1080 Micro-OLED Screens in Each Eye

In addition to the Snapdragon processors introduced today, Qualcomm He also brings us his reference design in augmented reality glasses, the Qualcomm XR2 AR Smart Viewera design that remove the wires in the connection of the glasses with the mobile or the PC, based on the XR2 platform from Qualcomm. Even without cables, a great user experience is achieved thanks to the FastConnect 6900 integration in these augmented reality glasses from Qualcomm.

It has been possible to reduce the size of the glasses along with their weight, now occupy 40% less and the total weight has been reduced to make them more comfortable to wear, for this the thickness of the glass has also been reduced. Still, they have a dual micro-OLED binocular display with resolution of 1920×1080 in each eye and updating up to 90 Hz. They include two monochrome cameras and one color camera that allow you to move freely without danger and even recognize gestures.

Geeknetic New Qualcomm XR2 AR Smart Viewer Glasses Feature 1920x1080 Micro-OLED Screens in Each Eye 1

This reference design, created for manufacturers to take ideas, has been designed by Goertek. It has FastConnect 6900 for WiFi 6E and bluetooth connection That will allow you to receive notifications faster. In addition, they include power modes that will allow different uses for a longer-lasting AR experience.

This reference design of the Qualcomm XR2 AR Smart Viewer now available for some brand partners and more availability is expected in the coming months.

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