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AMD Mero APU running Android 10 in augmented reality glasses appears in BaseMark

amd is taking advantage of his Van Gogh Low Power APU which is present in the new Valve Steam Deck. This APU features RDNA 2 graphics like Samsung’s Exynos processor. Also, a variant of the AMD Van Gogh has now been seen running in augmented reality glasses in an APU that calls itself AMD Mere. This AMD Mero APU would have RDNA 2 graphics but with some options cut with respect to Van Gogh.

This low-power APU from AMD is not the first time it has appeared on the scene. This time it has been in augmented reality glasses (which are so fashionable now) running the Android 10 operating system. These glasses have been recognized as Magic Leap Demophona prototype that we have not heard of before.

The tests seen in BaseMark have been executed with the OgenGL ES 3.1 and Vulkan APIs with a classification that has left it above AMD Ryzen 4000 (AMD Renoir) with integrated Vega graphics. Part of the success of this test may be that the glasses run with a resolution of 720×920 in each eye. In this way it is possible that AMD is taking advantage of its Van Gogh APU by customizing it for different products and that we can see her in this type of glasses soon.

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