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Mark Zuckerberg drops a teaser about the possible Quest Pro

A few moments ago we were talking about the future of Facebook Paywhich will now be called Meta Pay, but as we can see in Android Central, Meta has more news for us, and that is that a teaser has been dropped about the future Quest Pro, about which we have spoken on occasion.

This helmet, which currently goes by the name Project Cambria, will come with a mixed reality mode that It will allow us to see virtual elements in the environment in which we are, and do it in full colorso that the virtual elements that we have in our helmet they should be able to largely blend into our physical space.

Geeknetic Mark Zuckerberg Drops Teaser About Possible Quest Pro 1

This has been demonstrated for example by writing the date December 18 on a piece of paper -something that would indicate a launch this Christmas- while using this mode of the helmet, something that would drop that the image would arrive repeated to our eyes with a very low latency, while another scenario has been to place a personal trainer in our dining room.

Meta Quest Pro is expected to have a higher resolution than what we currently have in Quest 2and logically they will arrive with a much higher price.

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