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PlayStation VR2 glasses are delayed until 2023

Sony has announced its new VR set for the latest generation console PlayStation 5. A new VR set that includes notable innovations such as new OLED screens with 4K HDR resolution of 2000×2040 pixels for each eye and 90 or 120Hz refresh rate. After almost 1 year and a half since its launch, there is still no set date for the release of these new VR headsets, even so, it seems that they are delayed until 2023.

At first there was talk of Christmas in 2022 for the launch of the PlayStation VR2. But we see from Ross Young of DSCC that even though shipments will increase by more than 50% reaching 15 million in 2022, shipments to Apple and Sony will be delayed until next yearleaving this Christmas without the PlayStation VR2.

Geeknetic PlayStation VR2 glasses are delayed until 2023 1

This new version includes a single USB Type-C cable to support 4K HDR resolution at 90 or 120 Hz and also includes a wider field of vision than the previous version, going from 100 to 110º. It also includes eye tracking through two IR cameras that will offer a new gaming experience. But it seems that unfortunately It seems that we will not see this new VR Set until 2023.

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