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The Among US for Virtual Reality will arrive on November 10

Although the version of the famous Among US for virtual reality systems was already announced, it has now been leaked on steamDB along with the supposed release date, which will be none other than the November 10 of this year at 18 hours UTC.

In fact, this style of game was so successful that clones and modifications of other games soon came out for all kinds of platforms, including virtual reality with games like VRChat. However, the small studio behind one of the biggest hits in recent years wanted to develop the version for virtual reality systems of the title.

Except for surprise, similar game mechanics will be maintained, only in the first person. The Among US became famous for offering a simple game mechanism where players had to collaborate to repair problems that arose in the spaceship, laboratories or elements of the different maps. The grace of the game was that one or more players take on the role of the impostor, and their task is to eliminate the rest of the players without being discovered. The Game offers a voting mechanism so that players can accuse the alleged impostors, and it is hoped that all this will be maintained in the VR version.

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