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Sony shows some new features of its second generation of virtual reality for PlayStation

We recently echoed the main specifications of the second generation of PlayStation virtual reality, something that he did with quite competent specifications and a tracking system known as Inside-Out which eliminates the need to use one or several monitoring bases at fixed points of our stay.

At first, we can see the new design of the PSVR 2 in all its splendor, with a predominant soft color with black accents that provides an aesthetic in line with the design language of the PlayStation 5. We can also see the cameras on the front of the helmet. that will be used to identify the position of the helmet with respect to the room.

Geeknetic Sony shows some news of its second generation of virtual reality for PlayStation 1

Some of the features revealed today are the physical adjustment of the distance between lenses, which will allow players to be more comfortable while playing by being able to correctly adjust the focal point to the center of each eye. Also, to prevent the lenses from fogging up, Ventilation zones have been placed that will allow hot air to exit the helmet effectively.

Last but not least, we find a haptic feedback system which, through a vibration motor inside the helmet, will allow us to better feel the action that occurs in our games.

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