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Overview of animal insurance


Animal insurance has a bright future ahead of it according to the latest figures. France is a country of domestication.

60 million friends

This is undoubtedly one of the characteristics of the French, they love animals. They love to breed dogs and cats. And for some time, other races have come to beautify families. The numbers are clear. There are more than 20 million doggies and tomcats living in homes across the country according to In addition, they reserve a large part of the family budget for them. Until reserving a Christmas present for the furball or giving him a beautiful birthday party like a real human. And that is nothing compared to the maintenance and veterinary care. On this point, the owners do not hesitate to do their utmost. In the animal insurance industry, it’s almost the same trend.
The animal health insurance market is on the rise. With a growth of 25%, the pace is more and more sustained. Within ten years, the companies ofassurance already rubbing their hands in the face of their forecast. In the market, companies specialize only in this sector. The animal cover specialists are quite right. The figures are still far from what is happening among European neighbors. For example, in Sweden 80% of domesticated animals are subject to insurance. In England, 50% of pets are subscribed to a mutual. In these countries, family insurance also concerns animal insurance. In the house, bipedal and quadrupedal all live in the same mutual.


The evolution of animal insurance is turning to other species. Cats and dogs already have their kennels. Horses, it is no longer complicated to cover it. The advent of exotic animals has changed that. Ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas take center stage. These species are increasingly famous among families. Like the rabbit who has gone from the stage of a good feast dish to a fur ball that has become a member of the family. Surprisingly, the hen is gaining momentum in the roofing market. And even more surprisingly, insurers offer mutuals for these types of animals. That is to say, animal mores have evolved in a few years.
Recent studies have made it possible to read the French family structure through the possession of such and such an animal. First of all, there are more than 60 million domestic animals in France. Either one in two families has a pet. Fish is the most popular. Because it is easy to raise and does not require a lot of expense. Except for more elaborate breeding such as in aquariums or large ponds. Thus, dogs are often found in families with dad, mom and child. Still according to specialists, an animal raised in the countryside would be more flourishing than an animal raised in large cities.

Source: Magazine Assurance

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