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What to buy on sales? “I recommend making a list of things that we would like to supplement our wardrobe with”

Ewelina Rydzyńska advises what to buy at sales and how not to make purchases in a compulsive way. There are items of clothing that never go out of style and it is worth investing in them.

How not to buy compulsively?

We often make purchases on impulse or to cheer ourselves up. However, it is worth considering each purchase and not taking things that will hang in the wardrobe for months with a tag.

– The easiest way is to go to the store or open a website and buy things that often end up in wardrobes with tags and are not worn. Why? Because when the emotions subside, it suddenly turns out that we do not need this thing at all – he explains stylist Ewelina Rydzyńska.

It also happens that we buy things too small with the thought that we will soon lose weight to be able to put it on. If something is cheap, we take it, because it may come in handy someday.

– I recommend making a list of things that we would like to supplement our wardrobe with – emphasized Rydzyńska.

Outfits from the sale

Ewelina Rydzyńska showed 4 outfits from the sale that fit in with the current trends, but are also timeless. In the first set, the stylist used knitted dress with a woolen cloak and heavy beige shoes that will also work well in summer.

Another suggestion is tracksuit combined with an oversized jacket, sneakers and a baseball cap. The third styling is eco-leather jacketunderneath a white shirt, jeans and moccasins. Sneakers or sandals on a high heel with a square front would also fit.

The last styling is wool sweater, simple sweatpants, sports shoes and a quilted short jacket.

Source From: Dziendobry

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