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Why do pants sizes vary in stores? The stylist advises what to consider when buying jeans

Often, while standing in the fitting room, we reproach ourselves for not fitting the specific size of the pants. It turns out that the dimensions may differ in different chain stores. They also change over time in one store. How to buy jeans and not fall into complexes?

How do you find the right jeans size?

When looking for the right size of pants, we should focus primarily on our dimensions. You should check the waist circumference, hip circumference, leg length. Each store also has its own size chart.

– The sizes are based on the average sizes assigned to one region. Different sizes are used in Asia, different in France, and still different in Germany. Everything is based on the conversion of the perimeter scale in centimeters of the “statistical” unit in a given geographical area – he explains stylist Ewelina Rydzyńska. – The size of each chain store is different, therefore it is worth checking the size tables of each manufacturer – he adds.

Moreover, brands create products for tall and short people, so it is worthwhile to carefully review all available options.

– The second factor is the type of fabric. Stretch pants may look smaller due to the stretchiness of the material – informs Ewelina Rydzyńska.

Do you follow the size on the tag?

We repeatedly reproach ourselves for not fitting the size we usually buy. However, Ewelina Rydzyńska showed what differences may appear on the tags by an example.

– In the UK, where the size is converted into inches, size 6 corresponds to the Polish 34, in France, size 38 corresponds to the Polish 36, and yet it is different in Germany, where 38 corresponds to our 40. It is worth knowing how to read them – emphasizes Rydzyńska.

Therefore, when choosing the right size of pants, the most important thing is to feel good in them. Let’s look for a model that fits well, not necessarily a specific size.

Let go of bothering yourself with size, you are cool the way you are – summarizes Ewelina Rydzyńska.

Source From: Dziendobry

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