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How to choose the perfect dress for winter? Check out our guide!

Do you think that you cannot look stunning and attractive in winter? Until now, you have mainly chosen oversized clothes that made you fat and took away your self-confidence? If so, be sure to read our guide! You will learn what to replace a warm women’s sweater at this time of year and how to create styles that will keep you warm. We’ll also give you some hints on how to wear dresses with winter jackets for a runway look! We invite you!

What dress is worth hunt for in the winter sale?

Stylists argue that wearing a dress is always a good idea, especially if you often say that you have nothing to wear. As it turns out, you can also put on these feminine outfits in winter, combining them with appropriate items of clothing. If your wardrobe lacks models that will perfectly match the coat and boots, now you have a great opportunity to hunt for interesting styles. Before you go looking for your dream dress, check which stores are organizing sales. Thanks to this, you can buy fashionable outfits at a discount and do not spend large sums on them. The most popular are models with long sleeves made of soft, enveloping fabrics, which will work even in the most cold weather. Check out our suggestions!

Materials suitable for a winter dress

The first rule to keep in mind before putting on a dress in winter is the fabric. Set aside any creations made of light, airy materials. Instead, choose clothes made of thicker fabrics such as cotton, wool or artificial leather. Thanks to this, your outfit will be adapted to the season of the year and you will not catch a cold. If you like to play with fashion and you are a supporter of the “onion” styling, you can also reach for thinner dresses. In this case, it is necessary to put on a jacket or a warm women’s cardigan sweater under the coat. A skilfully composed set will make the winter weather definitely take its toll on you.

Black knitted dressWoman in a black knitted dress

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A good fit for winter, what is it?

If snowfall and freezing temperatures so far have discouraged you from wearing dresses, it’s time to change it. When it comes to styles, knee-length dresses work best in winter. Such cuts are perfect for everyday use and look good in combination with many items of clothing. If you like to reveal your legs and feel feminine, you can wear a shorter dress. The perfect complement to such styling will be high boots with an uppers reaching above the knee. A winter dress with long sleeves should definitely be in your wardrobe, which will become a great base for composing sets for various occasions. Models with a turtleneck or a hood will also be a good choice, which in everyday edition can be worn both with thicker tights and with your favorite leggings.

Gray turtleneck dressA woman in a gray turtleneck dress

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Creating winter styling with a dress

In order not to commit a fashion faux-pas and to protect yourself from the cold, it is good to remember a few simple rules when creating winter stylizations. A simple dress with long sleeves and a turtleneck collar, knee-length, is best combined with heavier footwear or with short-up boots. For this coat, hat, scarf and in a few minutes you are ready to go out. A knitted mini dress with a hood, on the other hand, will look best with longer boots or fashionable musketeer shoes. To complement the whole, close-fitting women’s winter jackets that fit almost any length of the dress will be perfect. When composing winter sets, be sure to remember about accessories. If you are not a hat lover, go for a fashionable hat or elegant beret. For this impressive jewelry and a bag in which you can fit all the necessary trinkets.

Knitted dress with a hoodWoman in a knitted dress with a hood

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Feel feminine and free – put on a dress!

In winter, you don’t have to give up wearing dresses. Long-sleeved outfits look great both alone, as well as with sweaters and cardigans. Therefore, you do not have to worry that you will get cold in the styling you have prepared. If you are looking for offers that are just right for the winter months, you will find a wide range of them in the UNISONO online store. Check it out today and expand your wardrobe with fashionable clothes for cold days!

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