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Truths and myths about the female mustache. Here are tea recipes that will reduce the amount of body hair

A nap over the upper lip in women is normal and natural. However, when hair becomes thicker, darker or thicker, it often becomes a source of complexes. Then some ladies decide to remove them. We talked to Anna Salomon, a cosmetologist, about how to do it safely.

Female mustache – causes and methods of removal

Women have different ways to get rid of women’s hair. One of them is use of a disposable razor. On the other hand, cosmetologist Anna Salomon advises against using this method. – This is how we strengthen him, so it’s better not to do it. This is already being abandoned. There are more modern, safe methods. However, if we have no choice, we have to deal with what we have – said the specialist in Dzień Dobry TVN.

– Of the methods that are available in the store, e.g. wax plaster, epilatorbut these are also methods that will strengthen the hair. Especially if we are dealing with excessive hair. This is due to hormonal disorders in women, i.e. when we see a lady with a chin, mustache, it is absolutely not neglect of it, but the result of the hormonal economy – she added.

As our interlocutor emphasized, then it is best to go to a specialist.

How to deal with excess hair? Homemade ways

Anna Salomon has prepared a handful of home remedies for people who want to get rid of facial hair. Some of them are designed to delay hair growth, and others will even remove it. Importantly, you will find all the products used in the kitchen. Here are the ways of a beautician:

  • drinking mint tea (Twice a day: morning and evening). Effect: It will help to maintain hormonal balance and reduce hair growth;
  • use lavender mixes: mix a teaspoon of lavender with 5-10 drops of tea tree oil and rub each day into the hairy areas. Effect: inhibits hair growth;
  • use egg mask. Ingredients: egg white, a spoonful of sugar and half a spoon of corn flour. Preparation: mix until pastes are obtained, apply and let dry;

– After the paste dries, a film will be formed, which must be peeled off with your fingers. This way you will get rid of unwanted facial hair. Be careful not to pull too hard as you can damage the skin, said the specialist.

  • use turmeric masks. Mix two teaspoons of turmeric with milk and a little sugar and apply to the skin. After 20 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water. Effect: “if done regularly, it will slow down our hair growth”.

Is folliculitis a common problem? How to deal with it? Listen to the entire conversation with the cosmetologist in the video.

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