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Lady Di and the dress with which she hit the table against Prince Charles

Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker

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Although there were many who went down in history for the elegance that characterized Lady Di, one of them had a bestial protagonism due to the context in which he wore it.

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She called herself the ‘little black dress’, a black dress that Diana of Wales wore on the afternoon of June 29, 1994 to attend the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens. A triumphant arrival that was the subject of all the cameras that were in said event and that was talked about for days.

But why did Diana of Wales wear this dress? If at that time her husband, Prince Carlos made some devastating statements in the ‘Teuve’ that humiliated the mother of her children again. He publicly acknowledged an open secret, his relationship with Camilla Parker and also confessed: “I was faithful until it was clear to me that our marriage was irreparably broken.”

Some statements that would be front page in all the press the next day, but that Lady Di she played her cards very well so that, in addition to slapping her still husband without hands, she was only talked about in the days that followed. For this reason, the Princess of the people wore this spectacular dress with which she fell in love with her people again and was featured in all the media.

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The history of the black dress worn by the Princess of Wales was designed by Christina Stambolian and was kept in Lady Di’s wardrobe a couple of years ago. Diana needed to wear it for a special occasion.

She was Princess of Wales but was officially separated from her husband, awaiting her divorce, and her obligations to the Crown had changed to a role that had nothing to do with the one before because she was no longer the future monarch, she had separated of Carlos.

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the dress designer, Christina Stambolian, declared years later that the creation of her dress was made for the princess three years before I used it for the first time.

The so-called “revenge dress” will go down in history as one of the most striking outfits in fashion, for her neckline, bare shoulders, transparent black stockings, tight to her body and even some black stilletos that they broke with the etiquette of the royal family.

It is said that the Princess of Wales, however, found it too daring, when she tried it on at home, hours before the event, but after Valentino published a press release announcing that she would attend the party with one of her designs, Diana got angry -because taking that for granted seemed very “presumptuous”, explains Paul Burrell in the documentary- and decided to wear Christina Stambolian’s to attend the famous Vanity Fair party

The synchronization between the outfit and the declarations of the heir to the British throne went down in history as one of the most remembered social events in the history of royals and fashion.


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