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Carnival dress – fashion trends. How to choose the best one?

Dress up for the carnival is a challenge that every woman who goes to a prom or party has to face. The choice of a carnival dress should depend on the nature of the party. Is it an official ball, a party in a smaller group, or maybe a themed party? Check out the carnival fashion trends.

Are you going to a carnival party and you have to choose an outfit? When deciding on a dress for a carnival party, you should take into account the nature of the party. Is it an evening ball, a New Year’s Eve party, or maybe a themed party that requires a specific outfit or even disguise?

Carnival dresses for balls and carnival parties

Carnival prom dresses are elegant and chic by definition. Sometimes the invitations to the ball contain information about the so-called dress code. Usually we know what colors and lengths are best viewed. However, what if the invitation does not contain an annotation about the required dress, and the event we are going to will be in the atmosphere of a prom?

Stylist’s advice

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A safe, but also the right solution will be to choose a long carnival dress, which always gives style and femininity. When deciding on a specific model, also take into account what cut will be welcome and whether you feel good in it. Ball-like princess cuts with an abundant hemline, dresses straight from fairy tales, are bold proposals that fit into really large and sumptuous balls, often in an international atmosphere, with important celebrities. When choosing a carnival dress in the style of a princess, remember to be moderate when choosing models in dark and muted colors. Accessories for such stylish dresses should be kept in a minimalist style.

Less official carnival balls, organized by restaurants, hotels or theaters is a time when you can choose both a long dress and a midi length, and even a modest mini. Many ladies decide to wear dresses that can also be successfully used on other occasions, and even on a daily basis. It is important that the dress reflects the nature of the party and is elegant. A carnival ball allows you to present yourself in any color. At the ball and official carnival parties, however, dark and subdued dresses with an evening character will remain in good taste.

Black carnival dress, navy blue, red or in shades of bottle green are the most popular suggestions for official balls. They can be matte or with a glossy finish. Black dresses with the addition of silver or gold thread are very popular. In recent years, white maxi-length dresses have entered carnival salons more and more boldly. Made of flowing fabrics, white, pencil long dresses are usually richly decorated with stones or 3D flowers. It is a bold but very elegant option. When deciding on a white carnival dress, choose models in which the stones adorning them will be in dark shades or gold. This will give the dress a luxurious and evening character.

What models of dresses are the most popular for the carnival?

Carnival dresses are usually pencil cuts or with a slightly flared bottom, usually made of knitted fabric with the addition of elastane or of airy chiffon and silk. Pencil cuts in the lace model are also very popular. It is a safe, but also a timeless proposition for women of all ages.

However, it is not appropriate to choose denim, sweater and linen dresses.

What accessories for carnival dresses?

Carnival is a time of madness, during which you can reach for large and bold jewelry that you do not wear every day. Remember not to overdo it, so stick to the rule – one large accessory combined with several smaller ones. During the carnival, you can bet on large and rich necklaces, huge earrings, wide bracelets or unusual jewelry hair ornaments.

Dresses for casual carnival games in a small group

Carnival dresses for unofficial parties or games in a small group can also be successfully used for other occasions. However, remember that the outfit should be kept in the evening style. Airy, light dresses with flowers will not look good at a carnival ball. Dresses for a carnival party in the colors of navy blue, burgundy, black, purple in a satin finish, taffeta or tulle are models that fit perfectly into the evening character. If you want to use the dress also for other occasions, choose plain models without decorations, and get the evening character through stronger make-up and large accessories.

Never going out of fashion and constantly returning sequin carnival creations in shades of gold, silver, black, navy blue and red are an option for brave women who want to emphasize the uniqueness of carnival nights. Sequin creations will work only during the Carnival and New Year’s Eve, but they undoubtedly reign on the dance floors during these special nights. When deciding on sequins, pay attention to the perfect selection of the dress cut to your figure. If you are slim, you can choose between models, lengths and shades. Curvy ladies should choose dresses cut under the bust with a straight bottom or box cuts, with sequins in shades of dark navy blue, black or with elements of copper gold.

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