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These are the colors with which you can combine black for this end of the year

Although trends change season after season, speaking of colors, black will always be a musttaking into account how easy it is to wear it and the elegance it brings to any outfit, especially in these months when the temperature tends to drop, or when the end-of-year party season is coming.

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After what we live in the pandemic, the vivid colors They came to give life and give our lives a well-deserved change, leaving neutrals or basics in the background, for example, green or pink became the most used tones.

However, those neutral tones continue to have an important place, especially for the season Autumn – Winter 2022/2023For example, in the case of black, it is proposed to wear it strongly for the remainder of the year and the first months of the next.

That is why we are giving you some tips below to combine black with other colors that are also in fashion these days, because we know very well that this dark shade is an essential in the style of so many people.

black with white

Surely when thinking about what combination is best with black, the first will be white, this game of light and darkness will always be one of the best keys when thinking about a looks full of style.

Various luxury fashion firms propose this alternative, for example, the French firm, Ami, shows that you can combine a jumpsuit black with a white coat. However, the combination can go on the theme of accessories, white shoes, white handbag or jewelry in this color. In the case of the Danish brand Baum und Pferdgarten, a color block system is proposed, for example, black skirt and white shirt.

black with black

A total look en black will never be frowned upon, it is the easiest way to get it right in terms of style, although it is obviously not the most risky. The trick of this option is to add a bit of blush or warmth to our face, especially if our skin is warm, since an outfit in this single tone tends to make us look pale or pale.

Black on black is a trend that has stood out this season, various brands propose it, such as the French Saint Laurent or Balmain. With this option you will be the best dressed or best dressed at any event.

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black with camel

For lovers of neutrals, this is the perfect option, especially on more casual occasions, for example, going to the office or a meeting that does not require superior etiquette. One way to wear this combination, as seen on the Boss fall runway, is to give camel the lead and leave black in the background.

In the case of the Italian firm Blumarine, it proposes a working-girl look of straight camel-colored pants and a simple and classic black blouse, some basic options in the wardrobe.

black with red

If you want a more striking and contrasting option, this is undoubtedly the best for you. To combine easily you can do it in two ways, one, as Bottega Veneta did, a black suit and add some red shoes, a simple way to add color to any look. The other option is to choose a print that incorporates both nuances, this will be a more modern alternative.

black with pink

We know that pink is one of the most trending colors for this season, even for the next one, for a more fun choice this is undoubtedly the best. Emporio Armani exhibited this color block combination, a perfect style from twenties to over fifty. Carolina Herrera is another brand that bets on this duet, for example, a black dress with a pink flounce, ideal for the December holidays.

Source: Elespectador

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