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Discover Punch, the collection of textiles for leggings created by Lafayette Sports

the leggings They are some of the most acclaimed and versatile garments when it comes to exercising. This essential piece in a woman’s wardrobe is powerful and chameleon-like, so much so that it has evolved towards the casual environment. Today it is an indispensable element for sports luxury.

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Below, you will discover the characteristics of the new Lafayette textiles so that you renew your bond with this garment.

Learn about the benefits of Lafayette textiles

Several attractions offer the new textiles Loto R, Malibú R and Asana. All offer stretch, recovery, comfort and compression, while offering the fun and expression of personality that can be achieved through digital printing.

This collection has been created taking into account the needs and trends for the printing of lower garments, so the invitation is for you to have fun and express yourself with Punch.

The silhouettes that are trending

  • High waisted leggings: offer better support and fit to the body. It includes multifunctional pockets that allow you to store small and essential items.
  • The flared leggings: They are an innovative and refreshing silhouette that, due to its retro essence and urban fashion heritage, allows you to combine this sports garment for different settings and styles.
  • The bikers: They offer a comfortable and refreshing silhouette due to their mid-calf length, they are ideal for receiving the benefits and comforts of leggings with freshness for hot climates. It includes a high waist for a better fit and multifunctional pockets.

Punch, the Lafayette textile collection for sportswear.

Photo: Courtesy

The six universes of Lafayette stamping

  • Classic: Like a nostalgic wave, lafayette remember the prints that at the time created a trend in the 70s and 80s. Those are the redfish, the Welsh and Scottish prince, and the romantic flowers that complement this universe.
  • Digital: This universe is born from the fusion between the physical world and the digital world, in it you will be able to find tie die updated through blurry pixels, screen effects, and vibrant colors with digital overtones.
  • nature macro: Flora and fauna are inspirations that stand the test of time, in this universe they are updated with macro photography, distorted botanical illustration, and insects.
  • Tropical: the illustrations tropical they have gained strength, warmth, happy and relaxed vibes. In the tropical universe there is room for prints inspired by paradisiacal trips and the magic of the tropical desert.
  • vintage: The good vibes of the 60s, 70s and 80s They are printed on this trip to the past, taking as a reference and paying homage to important designers of the time.
  • Artistic: Artistic and individual expressions led to lafayette to capture in this universe different ancient illustration techniques in combination with digital arts. You will discover inks, brushstrokes and brushstrokes that blend with vibrant colors.

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