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BOB blonde with bangs – fashionable hairstyle for the winter! Who suits and what shade of blond to choose? Hairdressing trends 18.11.22

Bob is a timeless hairstyle. And the bob with blonde bangs is the trendiest variant at the moment! Contrary to appearances, the blond bob can suit each of us – all you need to do is learn the most important rules and tips, thanks to which we will choose the right shade, length and style. Which blonde bob with bangs is the most trendy? How to match it? Check out our guide and inspiration in the gallery!

Bob blond with bangs – variants and the most fashionable trends. Tips from hairdressers

Bob with bangs is a hairstyle that has been triumphing among all hair trends and fashionable cuts in 2022 for some time now. Nothing unusual! Bob is a timeless, universal and very flexible hairstyle – it has a lot of variants and versions, among which every woman will find something for her type of beauty.

In this article, we would like to offer you one of them the most beautiful and fashionable versions of the bob with bangs – in blonde!

Blonde hair – who suits? Bob with blonde bangs – who will it suit?

To look good in a blonde bob, you need to remember a few important rules. First of all, choose a shade of blond that matches your skin tone.

  • Ladies with a WARMER skin tone – peach, slightly orange – which usually go hand in hand with honey, amber or brown eyes, should choose an equally warm shade of blond. Shades such as: honey blond, caramel, golden will suit best here. The blondes optically rejuvenate the face and make it more delicate and girly. An additional advantage of warm blond is the fact that in combination with a warm shade of the skin, it effectively masks all imperfections.
  • Ladies whose type of beauty is COOLER – have a paler complexion, characterized by the presence of pink or bluish pigment – often accompanied by blue or green eyes, will look great in these lighter, subdued blondes. They can dye their hair platinum blonde, gray or sand with impunity. Thanks to this, they will emphasize the natural delicacy of their beauty. We rather advise against choosing warmer shades – they can make us look old.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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