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Andrés Espinosa and Álvaro Rodríguez come together to create Open Studios

Yesterday September 21st launched the launch of OpenStudios, the new photography production company Andrew Espinosa, a project that is a just outcome of more than 10 of ten years of career in the world of fashion and photography.

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After many years of making his creative work known, of being successful and working on his own projects and with big brands, being hired by different production companies and growing in the process, he recognized that it was time to work with others, expand his team and create together something much bigger than himself.

“There came a point where I couldn’t do it alone anymore. Either she stopped working or looked for a work team. That was the little seed of Open Studios”.

Espinosa says that it was also thanks to his friendship with Laura Tobon who started this project, because in a photo session for her husband, the businessman Álvaro Rodríguez, and his entrepreneurship podcast, The photographer told him that he wanted to set up his own business. After a productive discussion, Open Studios went from being an idea to a project that brought them together to achieve the best of both worlds: good financial advice and creativity with experience.

In addition, he insists that Open Studios is much more than a production company or his project. “Open Estudios is not Andrés Espinosa, we work with a great team. What we want is to be the bridge between the client and young talents, that at the end of the day they are the ones who are going to paint the aesthetics of the future. we want to be that talent incubator, prepare them for any challenge, and we become the best ally of any brand or company. That they come to us with a market list to launch an entire product, if they want a campaign that includes everything, from photography and video to e-commerce strategies and others,” said Espinosa.

The iconic women exhibition

For its launch, Espinosa took a series of 10 photographs of representative women in their fields, in order to amplify this message: Sofía Estrada Turbay, Paola Turbay, Laura Tobón, Natalia Reyes, Laura Londoño, Adriana Convers, Gloria Saldarriaga, Kim Zuluaga, Lia Samantha and Isabel Henao were in charge of introducing the profession and aesthetics of Open Studios, a campaign directed by Julia Pacheco. For Espinosa, each of these women has their own unique reason to shine, and so they decided to completely transform them, reintroduce them through the eyes and aesthetics of Open Studios to present their work to the world.

Espinosa also affirms that he wants to invest all his energy so that each project is achieved impeccably, according to the needs of each client, but with a view to achieving the best possible quality. “I am very clear that my purpose in life is to create. Although I chose photography as a medium, if I wasn’t taking photos I would be making ceramic cakes, I would be sculpting, painting. And it’s amazing that we can now do it in Open Studios, because the collaborative exercise in the end is what makes those ideas come true. It’s super nice to be able to put that together, to go from photographer to creative director, with the help of people who are very talented in what they do”, he commented.

The exhibition will be available until Saturday, September 23 at the LGM gallery in San Felipe, an ally that has joined the cause with more than 25 years representing modern and contemporary artists. You can see the Open Studios portfolio on its website or on its Instagram,

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Source: Elespectador

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