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A new application of an eyelash curler. Thanks to this gadget you can create perfect eye makeup. See how to apply eyeshadow perfectly

Perfectly applied eye shadows guarantee perfect make-up. Not every woman can do it. An eyelash curler, which you have used so far to curl your eyelashes, comes to your aid. This brilliant trick from TikTok will allow you to create stunning eye makeup in seconds.

Colorful cosmetics, including eyeshadow, are necessary for the daily or evening make-up. Its application is not that easy, especially if you want to get the recently fashionable “siren eyes”. Reliable TikTok comes with the help, where you can find many tips and tricks, not only makeup. It is an application from which you can get lots of inspiration and learn a lot of interesting things. They are not always safe, but this influencer’s proposal is brilliant.

Lena is one of the users of TikTok who presents beauty content on her channel. In the recordings, he presents the make-up of stars, tests and compares expensive cosmetics and their cheaper counterparts. It also shows you various make-up tricks. One that we particularly liked is the use of an eyelash curler for the perfect application of eye shadow.

Apply the base shadow on the eyelid, then put the semi-circular outer edge of the eyelash curler on the closed eye and draw a darker line along it with a shadow to create a crease effect. Then, diagonally apply a straight part of the eyelash curler handle to the outer corner of the eye, draw a line and join it with the crease to form a “wing”. You will get the effect of a graphic eye in a few seconds.

As Lena admits, this is the easiest way to create stunning makeup. How is it in reality? Certainly, thanks to this trick, the “siren eyes” effect will be much easier to achieve. The video already has over 3 million views, and the comments under it prove that the trick works and thanks to it you will get beautiful eye makeup.

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