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Flannel clothes return to favors? “Just throw on your shirt and we look cool”

The autumn aura has already entered our windows for good, bringing with it the necessity to change clothes. When completing clothes for colder days, it is worth taking an interest in colorful flannel shirts, which are perfect as the basis for fashionable stylizations. On Dzień Dobry TVN it was argued by the renowned stylist, Marta Pojnylik.

Flannel shirts – autumn fashion hit

In the fall season, it is worth choosing clothes that look good, and by the way provide warmth and a sense of comfort. Flannel shirts fit perfectly into this concept. According to an experienced stylist, both women and men can use this universal element of style.

– Flannel is nothing more than just hairy, soft cotton (…). Just put on your shirt and that’s it we look cool, fresh, fashionable – said Marta Pojnylik.

How to wear a flannel shirt?

A checkered flannel shirt or an animal print is a response to the needs of people who are not afraid of fashion experiments. With its help you can create many unique styles. It can be successfully combined with elegant pants, a skirt and even comfortable tracksuits.

– It’s also cool that we buy the one thing we do we can freely combine it in various ways (…). I also really like such a trend that we also wear these shirts as outerwear – she summed up Marta Pozharlik.

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Source From: Dziendobry

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